Thursday, 6 October 2011

The only thing that could cock up the Black Rock Shooter anime (And they better not fucking do it.)

With the announcement of the BRS anime being quite a while ago and still no word on any plot or anything like that my ever ecstatic mind has started to run away with it's self and although many thoughts on what the plot may bring has come and gone, there is one that has stuck in my head like a malformed face cancer and it is really irritating.

Ok hear me out I'm sure you'll agree.

Have you ever seen a write up or an image of an anime with some cute loli girl on the front surrounded by a bunch of equally cute and hot girls, all brandishing guns or massive swords or what have you and said to your self. "Hey that looks pretty cool." And it even gets named after the central girl. (Like; Hidan No Aria or Shakugan No Shana.) and once you start watching it lo and behold it's about some personality absent school boy who's natural ability is, to attract the hottest girls around in an act that is some how beyond my comprehension. The type of male lead that even though he admitted his love for the female lead he's still staked by said hotties and he never just explains that he's not interested, he instead tries to avoid it by jumping out of a window like a fucking retard.What makes it even worse is that there is always a love triangle and, the third wheel or second girl in the triangle is always so bland, so unlikeable, so universally fucking detestable that every time they speak you'd rather they'd show an ad that promotes terrorism. (You know what I mean; Hidan no Aria's "Shirayuki Hotogi" and Shakugan no Shana's "Kazumi Yoshida". Seriously they should both go fucking die and stop ruining my shows in fact all characters like that can go die) These are traits that anime should really just not acknowledged anymore. Like a retard, inbred brother chained up in the basement. But we know that's never gonna happen with those pathetically lonely manga writers and their self' author inserting character into everything. That's never gonna die out anytime soon.  

And so if I smell any of the above mentioned  anywhere near the Black Rock Shooter anime I will personally hunt down the director and script writers and crucify the whole fucking lot of them. You hear me who ever's in charge of the BRS anime (I didn't take note of the person in charge, ok, so sue me.) don't you dear make a boring school boy male lead in this anime or it'll be the last thing you ever DO.

I'd like to note that the whole forced love between generic school boy and main female lead can be pulled off quite competently at times, just look at; Toradora or Dance in the Vampire Bund or even Spice and Wolf.(Ok so admittedly that last one doesn't have a school boy in, but shut up I'm trying to make a point here.) But that's mainly when the author isn't trying to author insert themselves into the story as some sort of bygone age of the school life they never got type fantasy. (Probably because they were smelly and treated woman like objects if there written work is anything to go by.)

Monday, 26 September 2011

A shit load a games to talk about in the future. (Things to come)

Ok I know this blog is about as lively as Hitler's funeral right now (Any and always) but I have been playing a shit storm of games and I'm foaming at the prospect to talk about them. Here's a list of future commings. (Yes I know that's not a real word.)

Deus Ex 3
L.A Noire
Warhammer 40k Space Marines.
Gears of War 3
Dead Island
Red Faction Armageddon
The Saboteur (Yes I know it's old, still doesn't stop it from being fucking awesome.)
Infamous 2
Disgaea 4

I'll also be covering anime in this section to, giving the fact that my other section "Anime Mix and Match" isn't very bustling

I've seriously got into Negima. But as much as potential as it has there are some seriously glaring flaws with it.

Also to come. Where the fuck is Rekio the Zombie Shop and why hasn't it been brough back yet, huh Dark Horse comics?

Anyway that's to come in the next few mouths.

To tide you over till then here's some pictures of  funny signs

Ok, be seeing you.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

It's true, BRS has been officially giving her passport and greencard.
It was a little touch and go there for a bit but the strong fan feed back along with the franchises popularity has swayed NISA to finally come out and announce that they're bringing BRS to us.

Details can be found here: 

and here:

There isn't much info beyond that and the game has just been announced so don't expect much activity anytime soon. That's all I have to really say on the matter. See you all whenever I feel like it.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Getting Black Rock Shooter to our shores. (NA and EU)

Let's make sure BRS pays the westerns a visit. 

This is a special message to all those who want to be able to play as the skimpy clad heroine in our glorious English langue.

As you all know NISA have a standing contract with Imageepoch to be able to licence their games, but sadly NISA have been having cold feet about the whole thing and well....... nothing has been said for sure but NISA have said that they are sketchy about bringing BRS over here. (Details of NISA's cold feet example can be found here: and here They have said that they want to work on it but given the state of the PSP market, it's a risky move. anywho me and the guys at NISA forums still haven't given up and as such one user has set up a petition to have it licensed. I know petition's don't really do much but anything is better than nothing. So if you wanna have a chance of seeing this game in a country near you, you'll sign the petition and do your bit.  

Actual forum where the petition was started can be found here:

The petition it's self can be found here:

Please, gamers and anime fans of the like, please sign this petition and post the link on the signatures of any forum, site or whatever you visit. Thanks.

Oh and I might as well say this for the hell of it. Fuck you Nintendo of America. 

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Avoid like the plague (Homefront and Duke Nukem)


When it comes to a medium as expansive as the gaming industry you can expect a couple of game that didn't live up to there hype or even just outright bombs. Two such examples are Red Da- I mean, Homefront and A cunt's day out or as it's most widely known Duke Nukem.

These two game were on my list of top 10 games to get upon annunciation and giving the fact they were advertised up the hairy cherry. More over and what makes this even more of a delicious tragedy is that the dev team: Gearbox software, picked up Duke after 3D Realms went under and thought they have created a fucking god child. If you ask me it should have been one of those children you strangle in their crib, passed off as it going missing and then start on the next one hoping it's a success. Sadly though not everyone takes the Maccan approach to parenting.  

Still, here I am with two shitty games that I spent the best part of £85 fucking quid to get and ended up feeling more ripped off then when I brought the Wii; thinking it was the next revaluation in gaming. Was it fuck. Still I have them and a lot of surplus bile to get out of my system so on we go. 

First let me talk ab- no, let me talk at you instead. 


Don't buy this game. For the love of god don't get this cancerous mass in the world of gaming. Do something better with you money. Give it to charity, give it to drug addicts or even terrorists, but whatever you do don't buy this piece of shit.   

You think it looks cool, do you. Well that's because this can be seen on almost every other modern war shooter theses days.

First off the games looks... well..... It looks like Fallout. Now this may sound like a compliment, but I'm not talking about the art style or the general tone, no, I'm talking about it's graphics. Now that isn't a problem for Fallout it's self because the game sacrifices graphics from more overall enjoyment. Homefront on the other hand is a COD wannabe, so it has no excuse to look so shit. Giving it's massive budget I would have at least expected a half decent COD knock off like the latest Medal of Honour.

Next the story.

The story. Oh, the story. If you've watched Red Dawn then congratulations, you've just saved yourself £40. If not, watch it now and don't even give a second glance to this game.

As you've probably guessed, Homefront's story borrows very heavily from Red Dawn, hell, it even has the exact same writer. What am I saying, it isn't like Red Dawn, it IS Red Dawn. The only differences are........

  • Instead of Russia and Cuba we have Korea as the main invasion force. (Like there's any fucking difference.) 

  • Instead of a bunch of arrogant teens with bad haircuts running around; calling themselves the Wolverines like a bunch of fucking children we have a team consisting of a macho prick , a rough and tumble girl; whose prescience is only needed to kill any though of homosexuality, some geek who looks like my ass and an indestructible mute. respectively (Not much change there)

  • Lastly, instead of being set in an alternate 1980, it's set in an alternate near future. But seriously, it wouldn't matter if you set Homefront in the past, future or a timeline where everyone is replaced by clowns, it still wouldn't make the bloody game any better. 
Next is the gameplay, if one could call it that.

It feels stiff and unnatural. As a COD clone, you'd expect half decent gameplay but instead you get a watered down control that feels like it came straight from a last gen console. I can't begin to explain the amount of ass the control sucks in this game. It's just awkward.

That's not to mention that the game doesn't have some value. You could use the disk to play catch with your dog, use the manual as toilet paper or even use the disk as a lamp filter. Hell I've already done those things. 

Next up is Duke Nukem Forever. Fucking took forever. (Ooh look at me being all original.)

We all remember Duke Nukem fondly. From his side scrolling NES days to the Duke Nukem 3D. Duke was the king of the FPS genera. Still that didn't save him from mediocrity in his latest game.   

When it comes to Duke Nukem I feel rather sorry for it, like I picked on a retard or something. I was really looking forwards to this game and trying really hard to like it, but no matter how much you try, you just can't change the fact that sometimes, utter shit is just that, shit. (Isn't that right Dragon Age 2)

Duke Nukem's titanic development time was as sure as any telltale sigh that the game wouldn't live up to it's monolithic expectations. Most people had the hindsight to see this coming and didn't bother wasting their hard earned buying this crap. Others like my self on the other hand, lacked the clairvoyance to know this

I feel really bad, almost betrayed really. Like my spouse cheated on me, and now I have to dig a hole to bury her body...... what? like fuck was I gonna let her get away with that. But seriously I really wanted to enjoy Duke Nukem, but it seemed that Duke Nukem didn't want you to enjoy it. I tried lying to myself, telling my self that I was having a good time, but like a husband that beats his wife; you can only lie to yourself so many times. 

Gameplay is.... well it's lacking. It feels like an old true to life shooter like in the B.C (Before COD era), but plays like something that has been pushed through the filters of modern gun game ringers. The game dose have a nice verity of things to do. There a bits when you can hop onto a crane/wrecking ball to destroy buildings, parts were you take control of a mini RC car and race around an entire stage and then there's also monster truck parts. Sadly these feel forced and must only be done in order to advance the stage instead of an interesting side thing that leads to a neat collectable. The game dose let you do other stuff such as, let you drink bear, play air hockey and pinball. But that feels more like a distraction from how massively ass this game is and no amount of fighting giant monster with RPG's or playing with dildos is going to fix that. Also Duke doesn't have health, he has Ego. Oh how "ironic" (Sarcastic finger quotes.)  

The control is a bit awkward. At times it's stiffer and tighter than a nuns ass and at other times it's loser than an Essex girl out on the pull. That's all I can say on the matter, the control is just plain ass.  

Graphics suck, they just suck. It's like they took all the best bits out of a PS1 FMV stuck it in a game and said "Hurr durr derp. that I'll do." Before going back to banging their heads against the walls.

I'd like to talk about the dialogue in this game since it's so bloody bad. 

Everyone in Dukes world is a fucking moron. Duke seems to be the only competent one who lives there. Sadly that doesn't mean much giving how idiotic he is. He spouts unfunny one liners when ever he gets the chance like a fucking five year old. Everyone else sounds like there from a rejected James Bond plot. It really creates a jarring contrast that make absolutely no sense. 

Like I said I really wanted to like Duke Nukem, after I wasted six years of my life waiting for the bloody thing, but as things go it just isn't all that good. Duke Nukem is a relic, he's passed it. We should just leave it at that and move on with are life's. Still it's better than Homefront. I can expect to see more Duke games in the future and hopefully they won't suck as much, and maybe pigs will fly and the will Government stop fucking up the planet and Hitler will give cookies to Jewish orphans. 

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wow just wow. (Crysis 2)

A balls to the wall shooter with compelling story and characters. I shit you not.  

I don't really get to write about how much the triple A gaming industry is falling back into bad habits, nor do I get to rag on about how much I hate football games. (Not the real life sport that's actually kind of fun.) So I made this Blog to express that, but I haven't really ragged on about mainstream games much. I mostly only talk about under appreciated gems or complain about the industries incompetence and the odd rant about how after all these years people still do fucking retarded things. So in order to stay true to my Blogs title, I held my nose dove into my rack of knuckle head shoot'em ups to see if I could find something to rag about concerning the standards of today's gaming world. That and I haven't finished Earth Defence Force Insect Armageddon. Funny enough I found Crysis 2, a game which when I bough it, I didn't really have time to play giving my busy schedule. Now after playing and completing it my jaw was gaped in such a way you could fit something like 10 dicks in there. So imagine my disappointment when I found that Crysis 2 was a good game. 

What was an excuse to bitch and make stillbirth jokes gradually turned into a dick sucking session as I played more and more of Crysis 2.

Crysis 2 is brought to us by the artistic geniuses at Crytek and runs using their new cryengine 3 engine. Obviously Crysis 2 is a direct squeal to Crysis 1, a game that was notorious for destroying PC's at the time due to it demanding system requirements. Seriously have you seen Crysis 1? The games fucking gorgeous and it still holds up to this very day, I can't think of any game that can come close to it's stunning visuals. Hell they tried to see if the Unreal engine could handle it and it didn't. So naturally Crysis 2 looks good, sadly the console version is crippled by not having the same amount of processing power and there for graphically inferior to it's pc counterpart. The transition from jungle to New York has also effected the games open world feel too. Also this is the first Crysis game to be released onto console.

This isn't the first home console game to use Crytek though, that honour belongs to Farcry (I think) and Farcry 2, another stunning looking game with jaw dropping visuals.
Anyway enough of that lets talk about the game shall we.

First off Presentation.

As I've already mentioned Crysis 2 looks really, really good. The textures are grate, the empty streets and buildings of New York tower over you in an hauntingly epic manner, abandoned homes and cars give you a sense of isolation and the overall pacing of the game is really good. The colour scheme  is more varied than most other modern shooters such as Call of Duty. Hell the makers reckon it's the best looking game in video gaming history and has the most sophisticated enemy AI ever. That being if you are the worlds biggest dick and deserve a severe ass kicking. Or just overly cocky. Not very humble people are they, Crytek I mean. 

Some of the games best effects can be seen when big structures collapse. In most games a building would blow up and that's it. In Crysis when a building or a bridge collapses you can see beams and tenants bend and snap with a menacing sound of stressed metal. Watching a building fall in Crysis is unlike anything you've seen in any other game. The feel of the game is enhanced thanks the awesome sound track composed by the awesome Hans Zimmer, Borislav Savov and Tilman Sillescu. Who do an excellent job at capturing the games epic feel in the from of orchestral magic.  

The main character's suit deserves affable mention it's self. The Nanosuit is it's own character, it's vital to the story and as the game progresses and reaches it's orgasm inducing ending becomes a very valuable asset.

Crytek go that extra mile when it comes to setting the tone for everything. For example:

The game is full of little bits and pieces that normal developers would completely miss or just flat out wouldn't bother doing. There are bits when the protagonist "Alcatraz" (That's right he's called Alcatraz) is trying to adjust to life in the Nanosuit and in one scene he rips the handle off of a fire escape door just from trying to casually open it. Surprised by this Alcatraz throws the now crushed handle aside out of shock.  

The main lead as a whole isn't some unstoppable badass who saves the free world from terrorists ether, he's a dead man walking. The suit, which also acts as an iron lung is the only thing keeping him alive since he just barley escaped the sinking submarine with a punctured lung and a few cracked ribs. This is visible during times when the suit has lost power and Alcatraz limps around like he's recovering from a night of heavy drinking or on part when the suit powers down and he can barely stand. (In fact he dies twice during the game and the suits built in defibrillators kick in to revive him.)

Giving the massive pedigree of the game alot of work has been put into making the game look like the prettiest whore in the store and so when things get busy you can expect the frame rate to chug.

Ok the story.

This is one of Crysis's strongest points (along with everything else.)

The story goes that aliens have invaded New York and released a deadly virus that turns it's victims insideout, or something like that amongst it's inhabitants. You play Alcatraz, a member of the Marines Force Recon. As you and your team approach New York your submarine gets attacked and you have to get you before you drown. Having severe hydrophobia Alcatraz panics and gets injured during the escape, and the last thing he remembers is being saved by a man in a strange metal suit.   

The man who save him turns out to be Prophet, the main protagonist from the previous Crysis.

Anywho, Alcatraz wakes up and finds himself inside the suit and a video message embedded in the suit shows Prophet giving Alcatraz the suit to finish his mission, which Prophet can't finish because he's been infected with the virus and so he kills himself. Are you with me so far? Good because it only gets crazier, though you're gonna have to find the rest out for your self.


The gameplay Crysis offers is such a refreshing change of pace from the typical linear style of other shooters.
The game's main gameplay innovation is the Nanosuit. It give's the wearer four types of enhancements.

  • Cloak

  • Armor 

  • Enhanced Sight and reflexives

  • Enhanced Strength  

Crysis gives you options in terms of gameplay, you don't have to power through every fight like a knuckle head on crack. Your suit has cloaking abilities, which adds a whole new dimension of strategy that, for some reason most shooter games today have been avoiding like leprosy. With the cloak you can stealth around and silently kill enemy's, just bypass them all together, or just fuck with their heads by making suspicious sounds and moving from place to place until they lose their minds. Sadly you can't stay in cloak mode very long because it drains your energy. When all of your energy is drained the suit needs a few seconds to recharge, apparently the guys who put the multi billion dollar suit together forgot to install anything stronger than a few rechargeable double A's. So when that inevitably happens you might a well stomp around with a huge target painted on your ass. With out energy the suit cannot keep Alcaraz alive, without it he can only take a handful of shots and he limps around like an old age pensioner who's had his zimmer frame snatched away by the worlds biggest cunt. Shooting and being shot at while cloaked also not only deactivates your cloak but also completely drains any remaining energy.  

Alternatively you can run in and completely fuck everybody's day up as well. This is when the suits armor mode comes in handy. While this is activated you are invincible but like the cloak drains energy when in use and every time you take a hit. The armor is the suit's function that I found myself using most of the time. Mainly because I was about as stealthy as a box of retarded fire works.

The enhanced sight is always active no matter what and enhanced strength is only active when you need it. Such as when I grab enemy's by the throat and lift them up, by doing this you can ether insta kill them by snapping or slitting their throat or toss them as far as you can.

The video below showcases the suits capability's and functions. It also shows off the games amazing visuals and part of the glorious music score composed by the legendary Hans Zimmer.    

At heart Crysis is a shooter and what kind of shooter would it be with out guns. 
The shooting in Crysis feels good and rewarding. Naturally the Nanosuit gives you the edge over those squishy mortal when it comes to aiming guns and activating armor mode gives you even steadier handling. You get a nice array of weapons to chose from each with customisable bits and pieces to stick onto it. 

The weapon customisation isn't so much mandatory as it is fun. Instead of going into some sort of weapon customisation menu, the gun you wish to pimp up can be jacked out on the fly, as in during the game with out pausing. 

This how the gun customising works. It's all done in real time, so it doesn't interrupt the flow of the game.

The same can be said for suit upgrades.

The may blow most Call of Duty addled minds but, Crysis 2 requires some actual brain power. The AI is far from thick and to get the best of the games many encounters with these smart enemy's you're gonna need to survey the battle field for flanking spots, small passages and environmental hazards that can be used against the enemy. Or you run screaming into the fight, shooting your gun off like some sort of fucking idiot.

The human enemy's are the best since their the easiest to screw with. There's motive to want to kill these assholes as well, their cocks. Everything they say is either pure misguided hatred for you and everything you stand for, or how fun it is to kick little puppies and baby's. So sneaking around and giving them fatal nuggy's is sweet, sweet justice. Seriously fuck these guy's, no one's that evil...... besides the nazi's. 

The aliens however have rather justified motives, which I won't spoil for you because it's one of the central plot revelations. Their harder to kill overall. Despite looking like a piece of possessed meatloaf in a power suit the aliens are formidable foes. They jump all over the place, making it difficult to get a decent shot off. There's more of a variation of them; normal grunt, elite solder, brick shit house or the brute type , giant bipedal machine walker thingy and super elite guards. 

The Bad

No game is perfect (besides Time Splitters.) so obviously Crysis 2 has flaws. For one it's inferior to it's predecessor. This is because it's the first Crysis on anything other than PC, so sacrifices needed to be made. The frame rate, to my knowledge is only about 30, so when things get hairy the game will chug and skip. Expect screen tear too. There is just too much going on at times and even something as simple as reloading your weapon can completely fuck up the frame rate.

You can practically hear the struggle the console makes trying to read the game disc at times. Never before has my Xbox made such as noise as it did when running Crysis, I was paranoid that my Xbox was going to go nuclear on me. It sounded like someone was trying to strangle a brain dead hippo. 

Of cause with the above problem you also have the classic game freeze and let me tell ya that having a game just freeze right in the middle a heated battle doesn't do much for one's blood pressure.

Other times the game just dose weird things like, enemy's guns disappear but they seem to still be able to shoot at you. Sometimes when you reload the guns magazine jitters all over the place then appears in side the clip at random. Not a big issue I know but it can take you out of the experience. And lastly the classic, textures haven't caught up with the loading so sometimes the game can look like a PS 1 game.   


There's so much more I want to say about Crysis, but, doing so would ether spoil it for those who haven't played it yet or make this post into an essay.
From the eye pleasing visuals to the incredibly rewarding gameplay, Crysis feels like a game that has been carefully crafted to ensure a gripping experience. It's a damn fine game and is compelling from the very start to it's nipple hardening ending.

The characters, although compelling are forgettable. That doesn't mean they all don't have a part to play. Everyone who is at least essential to occurring plot is likable enough and the bad guys are unlikeable enough to want to perforate with a mist of hot, completely heterosexual led.
The main lead, although he never talks, aside from that part right at the very end is tragic and sympathetic enough to make you care what happens to him and the story is tied up nicely enough to reach its epic "To be Continued " conclusion.

Crysis 2 is a game the makes you feel powerful. It makes you feared. The enemy's may be itching to fight you but as soon as you turn up and slowly dispatch them, fuck with their heads and twiddle away any trace of confidence they have left they start to panic, they shout at each other, argue amongst them selves and argue about who's going to be the unlucky one to check your last known position. All the while you sneak around ready to dish out some serious wedgies on their unsuspecting hides. 
In Crysis 2 you are the hunter.

By the same token you are also the hunted. The enemy far outnumbers you and with out your suit your just another solider. If you are caught in the open the best thing to do is hit the armor and brake the enemy's line of sight, but since sprinting and armor usage drains the suits power you better do it fast or else yo ass screwed. If during an intense gun fight you forget to keep track of the suits power gauge and it all gets depleted, you might as well pull your trousers down and bend over.

Like it or hate it Crysis is a technically sound comes with a tight story and fun gameplay. 

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Oh you ignorant fucking Japs (My views on Idolmaster being the most disappointing anime of July.)

I know this should go into the Anime and Manga Mix and Match section but I'm complaining here so shut up. 

So I was on Anime News Network as I was every day when I noticed this article: If you can't be bothered to read it let me just tell you that the people have voted Idolmaster the most disappointing anime of July.

This was after I watched the first episode of Idolmaster and I know the Japs love K-on to an almost fetishistic degree and were probably hopping for another K-on knock off to tide them over till the movie but not everything you wish for comes true now dose it?

Let me elaborate. I watched the Idolmaster anime out of pure curiosity and I was expecting nothing more than a cheap K-on/Lucky Star knock off to ring a few more penny's in off their lime light but to my surprise Idolmaster wasn't a K-on knock off nor was it trying to be, I even dare I say it, enjoyed it. It was also quite deep.

In other words, Idolmaster doesn't try to bore you to death with a constant talk nor dose every scene need to be a pun and it doesn't run around contemplation the best was it can appear cute. It dose it's own thing as pull it off rather effortlessly. It also deals with some pretty deep shit that would go right over the heads of most hormonal crazed anime weeaboos. The sheer size of the cast of characters it introduces us to all at once seem absolutely crazy but somehow during the first episode it manages to introduce every single one of them just enough for you to pick which ones you like and which ones you don't. (My favourite is Hibiki.)

Let me give you a short rundown.A studio named 765 productions studios takes on twelve hopeful girls and tries to turn them into Idols. The main male lead known only as the Producer has to befriend and manage all twelve of the girls. Don't think to your self. "Oh no not another bloody romance/ hearm anime", cause it's not. The Producer is nothing more than their mentor who offers wisdom and encouragement.

Don't think it's just all pointless flat falling gags and moe, no. This anime has a plot. Each Idol has a background a characteristic and a reason for being there. If your not too heartless then you heart may go out to some of the girls, giving the struggles some have to face on a daily bases, one girl has to make a tiresome 3 hour commute every morning to get to the studio and another is poor and has to take on odd jobs in order to help her dad and keep food on the table for her and her four other siblings. There are others with reasonable motives but the aforementioned two are the most pitiable. So the show dose dive into some pretty touchy areas but not head first, if masks it with a pretty picture and puts on a flimsy smile. All in all it's a joy to watch and it doesn't patronise you like K-on.

But noooo the Japs didn't want that. They wanted another mindless cute feast that makes you wish you never laid eyes upon anime. They wanted another moe drenched pile of shit with the depth on a tea spoon. I'm guessing the key point Idolmaster is trying to make goes right over the head of most otakus. It seems that they can accept the fact that parts of their beloved medium has moved on and is now beyond the antics of pointless gimic shows that try to bask in the lime light of others that have covered it more competently.

Idolmaster tries to do something different with a premise that has just recently been done to fucking death and berried, then dug up and fucked in the ass and then berried again. It should be congratulated on a valiant effort by it's fans and giving a pat on the back for a job well done. But instead to gets greeted by a mob of fanboys and weeaboos who's brain begins the hurt the second the words "innovation", "interesting" or "something different" are uttered, or hisses like a vampire cursing the sun when something that doesn't follow the tired old formula rolls around. Come on fanboys and girls, crawl out of that cave you call a home a take a look at how far behind you all are, that goes for the Japs to.

Don't get more wrong, I don't think Idolmaster is the best thing out this season nor do I think it's gods gift to earth. But it's a massive breath of fresh air compared to all the bland paste that gets hurled at us. I mean look at the anime "R-15" which came out around the same time, it's a pile of shit. Hell it's worse that shit, it's a pile of still births and everyone with two functioning brain cells will agree, but some how it was rated above Idolmaster, that my friends is fucking bullshit.

I'm looking forwards to see how it progresses and to see how everyone develops as the series carries on. All hope of a second season that could delve even further into the development of the colourful cast of characters and actually manage to pull one of my flinty heart strings is starting to look bleak, and even if there is a second season (not saying there is gonna be one) because of all the fags who can't shut the cunting

Lastly this list of most "disappointing anime of July" seems a bit unfair doesn't it, I mean it was made just barely two episodes in (At time of writing there are only three) , are the Japs that judgemental and flimsy. It's things like this that make me ashamed to even be an anime fan.

People take a good long look at this show, I heartily recommend it to anyone that doesn't want to be blind sided by too much but who also wants some development and lovable characters. Idolmaster has a surprisingly high production value with decent, fluent animation and it shows, it's charming, funny (sometimes) and at the end you get this warm fuzzy feeling inside. Besides what else are you gonna watch, R-15? God help anyone who dose. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna watch a violent, insecure film with lots of blood and tits before I completely turn into a pansy.

(If the rest of the Idolmaster episodes turn out to be complete and utter moe drenched shit then I'm gonna end up looking like a right asshole.)

Next time I talk about why Earth Defence Force Insect Armageddon is so fucking awesome.